Markbook question regarding $markbook->filterByTerm()

Hi folks,

I used to be able to apply a term filter. This is somehow no longer working for me in Gibbon v17. Despite of setting the filter I get all assessments of the year.

Was there a change in that regard?

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It seems to be a false alarm here. Markbook columns are assigned to a term based on their dates and not based on the chosen term. It’s not the first time I fall into this trap tho. I’m not very happy how Gibbon works in this regard. It’s kind of contradictory, isn’t it?

First, thank you Roman for all your help answering questions in the forums :smiley: I’ve had some demands on my time lately that haven’t allowed much of a chance to get on here and provide support, so your generosity to help answer questions is very much appreciated! I notice you’ve tagged a couple discussions for further help, which I hope to answer in the next couple days.

I agree, there is some inconsistency, in part because the markbook weightings were among the fist features I layered into Gibbon, and I have learned much since then. Also in part because there was a transitional period were old markbook columns did not have a term associated with them, so the date was the next best measure to use. Since the markbook settings can be turned on/off, or the term dates changed, the date of the column itself was used as a fixed piece of data to calculate these from. There are quite possibly some ways to consider how to streamline this, with backwards compatibility in mind.

Thanks for your answer and you are welcome too.

I have noticed that answering questions also helps me to understands things better. :slight_smile: