Invoice/Receipt Issues

Hi Ross,
Please help with hacking out these issues:

  1. While invoices show every line item being paid for, receipts don’t. I need the receipt to show only the total amount paid and the outstanding balance, if any

  2. The receipt should be able to automatically display how much balance is outstanding should a student/parent pay only part of the fees - instead of the invoice total.

  3. I need an additional field in the receipt that allows me input the bank teller number, since most schools here encourage parents to pay directly into the school’s bank accounts. A teller number is unique for every payment made into the bank.

Looking forward to your help please.


I’m really looking forward to hearing from you as this is urgent, Ross. It’s a great thing you’re doing here


Long day teaching, so no time to answer earlier I am afraid. However, your call for help landed at just the right moment. Some answers for you below:

  1. I cannot do anything right now, as we are in a code freeze leading up to v10 being released on the 26th of June. However, for v11, I will make a note to “Add an option to remove itemisation from receipts, and show outstanding balance (if any).”

  2. See item 1) above.

  3. At the moment, can you use the Notes field for this? In v11 I can add “Payment Type” and “Payment Identifier” fields for you, which should allow you to record the information you need. How does this sound?

Let me know how this helps, and if there is anything else I can do.


Sounds wonderful. I wish i had mentioned this earlier though, maybe then 1 and 2 would be out with V10 :wink: Anyway i’ll just wait.

For 3, i used the Notes for teller number but it doesn’t appear on the printed receipt.

Thanks though

Steve, happy to help. I have made a note to make sure that the two new fields in 3) show up on the receipt.

Steve, want to check out the changes made in this commit (I would do a test install of the cutting edge code), and let me know if this meets your requirements for 2 and 3.

I will work on number 1 at some future point.


Item 1 has been completed, and involves the following two commits:

This will all be released in v11 on January 20th 2016.



Thanks Ross, you are indeed wonderful. I will download and test immediately.

One more thing though, i need the ability to generate several receipts for the same student in a situation that he/she pays in instalments. 

For instance, when a student is billed 30,000 for the first term, he/she may pay 10,000 at the beginning of the term, pay 15,000 sometime during the term and pay the balance of 5,000 before the term runs out. I want to be able to generate a receipt for the 10,000 which will also show the balance of 20,000. Then when he pays the second 15,000 i want to be ble to generate a receipt that shows the new payment on one line and the old payment on a second line, and the total paid so far, then the outstanding balance (if any) will appear below the box. before $receiptNotes.

This is kinda urgent Ross, cos i’m currently testing this software on a live school situation and parents have started paying for the first term but this bit has become an issue. After the long summer break the new school session starts 14th of August. 2015. Just a temporary hack would do.

Thanks and hope to hear from you.

Steve, this sounds like a better approach than the current all-in-one receipt. I will take a look at this tomorrow morning and see what I can do to help. I will follow up here when ready. Ross

Steve, OK it has been implemented. Was fiddly, but has been tested, and I am pretty confident it does what it is supposed to. The changes are in the v11 dev branch, and can be seen in this commit:

This is not backwards compatible with v10. What version are using for this school?


PS, please try to keep urgent requests like this to a bare minimum. I have worked late to get it done, but I don’t want people to count on things like this. It was a gift…not the norm ; )

Thanks Bro

Meanwhile, the outstanding balance is still not showing at the bottom of the receipt. 

I also need to be able to input a discount amount when creating the receipt. The discount will be deducted from the invoice total to give a new figure. Is this possible pls?

Thanks a lot.

I use version 10 now and i’m mindful that there may be bugs but i guess its a risk i am willing to take.

 meant version 11

Steve, I am snowed under with a lot of other things right now. Come back to me at the start of November, and I will see if I can get it into v11 then. Please keep in mind I am a volunteer to the Gibbon community, and so there are limits to what we can do. Ross

I am not sure if I am asking the same thing but looking into the finance section I need to be able to apply a range of discounts to the school fees as well as itemised add ons - i could not find how to apply discounts? Is this possible
Thanks Brian

Brian, as of v12 (very close now!) you can do negative fees for invoices, so, no percentage discounts, but if you calculate the discount amount, you can add it as a negative item and reduce the total. Hopefully this works for you.

I have a sandbox using v12.00 but it didnt accept negative number, is there an update to the version im using? Our fee is divided into three payments, and they get subvention from the government sometime during the year which we must credit, can we get a statement of account?

Brian, it is a relatively recent fix. Get your IT team to update to the latest commits (they will need to run the database updates in Admin > System Admin > Updates) after uploading the files: