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Hello again, Gibbon community,

I have recently completed a migration of our Gibbon instance to a new VPS. I needed to upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 (from 20.04) and Php 8 (from 7.4) and my efforts to manage that in place were creating irreconcilable dependency issues. The good news is that I managed most of the migration without any trouble. There are just two issues I cannot seem to resolve on my own.

The first concerns student applications (using form builder) that have been accepted. When I navigate to Admissions–>Manage Applications and select the pencil icon to edit an accepted application, I get this message.

It only seems to happen for accepted applications (rejected ones can be viewed without complication) and it does not happen on the old installation. I’ve checked folder permissions thoroughly and don’t see any reason for the problem. Any suggestion is appreciated.

The second issue is smaller and concerns languages (System Admin–>Manage Languages). As near as I can tell, I have all my US English settings the same as on my previous installation. The new installation, though, still uses Timetable instead of Schedule, and Form Groups/Year Groups instead of Grade Level/Graduating Class. I had grown to prefer those translation terms and cannot figure out how to return to them. (I’m sure I’m missing some installation step, but I’m not seeing it right now.)

Thank you as always!

Hello @kclearylcmc

For your second issue, I think you’ll find an explanation here:


Thank you so much for this post, @tiekubd! I remember doing something like this in the past to get a language change to take, but I had forgotten about it.

Unfortunately, this specific suggestion did not solve my problem. It gave me another idea, though. I pulled the file (from the en_US folder) from my old server and put it on the new server. That was the fix! Somehow, the language file I had on the old server was correct (or at least familiar) and the one that’s getting pulled by Gibbon is not.

I appreciate your help on this!


I just looked at your entire thread, @tiekubd. I didn’t realize that the en_US changed to maintain consistency.

Either way, this was an informative and helpful post. Thanks again!

Just a heads up that my first issue in this thread (accepted student applications being inaccessible) has been resolved after my upgrade to Gibbon 26. I assume it was some kind of database issue, but either way it is good news!


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