v25 User status options.

Not sure the user Status = Left is gone and replaced by Graduated? Students leave schools not aways because they graduated.

Hi Tieku, the Left status is still there. A few versions ago in the rollover we added a pre-filled value of Graduated to the Departure Reason field, only in the case where a student is set to Left because they have reached/exceeded the maximum year group. Departure Reason is not the same as status, it’s just a text field for keeping track of why a student has left, and can be easily changed from the default value on the Rollover screen.

Hi Sandra,

This is not in reference to a Rollover. I understand the distinction between Departure Reason and Status. When I go to Home > User Admin > Manage Users > Edit User for a student this i what I see:

This is a v25 site with demo data. I do not see the option for Left.

Hi Tieku, this is odd, perhaps check your string replacements. I can confirm that this is not a change in v25 and not in the demo data.

Odd indeed. I just installed a second v25 site with demo data on a different server and getting the same result. No String Replacement.

@tiekubd have you tried clearing browser cache? I haven’t seen that with V25 [no demo data]… it’s odd and probably the demo data

Very interesting.

So not the demo data. Not cache either. I decided to download the v25 GibbonEduCore-InstallBundle.zip install file again and now I see the correct Status options. Did the file change?

Oh, I have figured it out! It’s related to the English US locale. It appears that a well-meaning translator had translated every instance of the word Left into the word Graduated, without realizing the nuanced use-cases for the Left status. I have corrected this in PoEditor and GitHub. The best way to ensure this is updated for existing installs is to delete your en_US folder from the i18n directory, then use System Admin > Manage Languages to re-install it.

A quick update that we found a number of other unintended contextual changes in the en_US translation file, such as timetable to schedule, form group to grade level, markbook to gradebook. I’ve reverted these changes, for consistency as well as the ability to document and support Gibbon with a common set of terms. These contextual changes can still be added by schools through String Replacement. If you’re using the en_US locale, I recommend updating it to get the latest version of the file.

Thanks Sandra. How do you prevent further changes like this to the en_US locale? Are you working with the translator(s) on this?

Hi Tieku, absolutely. In this case, the translator was very receptive to feedback and proactively offered to help make some documentation for new translators. Our volunteers all share their time willingly from a place of best intention, which we very much appreciate, and we recognize that misunderstandings can also happen.