if anyone want to add your own currency please edit this file and it will appear your currency

go to your main directory, > modules\System Admin then find the systemsettings.php file, open with text editor and go to line 897 and either add new, or modify existing code to your local currency, and save the file. i have edited this file which was not listed my currency by default .

value='NPR RS'>Nepalese Rupees (RS)


This is good advice, but the changes would be erased after the next update. The best bet is to ask me to add it to the core, and then make the exact some changes in your own install.


Great Sound , please i would like to request that add my Nepalese Currency on Core V11, or even on 10
Nepalese Rupees “NPR”

Best Regard.


NPR is now in for v11, but you can take the files changed in that commit, and put them into your v10 install with no issue.


thanks ross,

i already did it myself, and i really really Glad!! since Gibbon added Nepalease currency on core module.

Hi Ross, Please i will like to request thqt you add Central African Francs (XAF or FCFA) currency to core v11.


Done! Please check out the files changed in the commit below, which should be backwards compatible with v10 as well:


This is a new currency for me. Exciting to see it in Gibbon.



Hi Ross,

I have added Myanmar Kyat (K) as per the above. If you could add this to a future edition, it would be much appreciated.




I have added this to v12, so when you upgrade it will keep working for you. In v13 this process will become easier to manage, as more config will be moved out of the core and will be updatable between versions.

You can see the changes at:




Hi Ross,

Can you please add Namibian Dollars (N$)



This has been done for v13, and can be seen in the commit below:


If you want to use this with v12, just copy the newly added line into your systemSettings.php file and it should work.


Hello Ross,

Would it be possible to have Trinidad & Tobago Dollar (TTD$) added to Gibbon

Thank you in advance.
Respectfully Jason

Hi Ross,

Would it be possible to have South African Rands (ZAR)


Hi Jonathan,

As luck would have it Ross has added South African Rand to the next version of Gibbon, releasing Dec 20th 2017 :smiley: This change is currently backwards compatible with v14.0.00 too: https://github.com/GibbonEdu/core/commit/35031caccef78bff75d31d094a18b0c63304181d

@icttech I’ve just added this for you in the v15 dev branch, and you can see it in the commit below:



Hello Ross,
Cheer to you on the work done thus far, I will be waiting for v15 to be rolled out so I could do the update.
I have another school that is a going to start using Gibbon in the near future. thanks for quick work.

Hi @admin can you FJD $ Fijian Dollar

Hi @admin kidnly requesting if you could add FJD$ Fijian Dollar

Hi jashneel,

I’ve added FJD$ as a currency in the following pull request for the v16.0.00 development branch:


This change is backwards compatible with v15, so you can copy over the changed file and you should see the currency appear in your install.


Looks like Sandra beat me to it. Thanks Sandra!

PR 458 has now been merged into v16.