Gibbon returns me to localhost

Hi, I’m testing gibbon on localhost, I’m using xampp.
I managed to install everything, but after logging in on Gibbon and clicking on anything, e.g. admin, ases, learn, preferences, etc., I am redirected to the localhost/dashboard url where I see xampp apache dashboard. Why is it like that?

Hi Orex,

I would suggest to check 3 things under:

  1. Check Apache virtual host configuration to make sure it’s set up properly for your Gibbon installation.
  2. Check for any rules that might be causing unwanted redirections. For example, there could be a rule redirecting all requests to the ‘localhost/dashboard’ URL.
  3. Check Gibbon’s log files for any error messages or warnings that might provide insight into the issue.

Hi @orex, welcome to the Gibbon community.

Sorry to hear your installation didn’t work correctly. This sounds like an error we saw recently with Xampp, which I had hoped we’d fixed in the most recent version. Can you let me know which version you tried to install?

If it is indeed the same issue, here are the steps to resolve it, which involve fixing the absoluteURL field in the gibbonSetting table: Demo Installation Problem

Hope this helps!

good day all, i am having the same errors with orex and now its showing me this Parse error : syntax error, unexpected token “;”, expecting “)” in C:\xampp\htdocs\Surggaashi.init\login.php on line 43 please help.


This is strange, as the code should be identical regardless of Xampp or other setups. Can you check to see that you file is not incomplete? Line 43 of login.php should read:
$_POST = $container->get(Validator::class)->sanitize($_POST);

Did you just do a fresh install, or have you been using Gibbon for some time which this error occurred? Can you let us know which versions of Gibbon and PHP you’re using?

Good afternoon ma’am or sir,

I installed it on the 12th of January, 2024. I am using PHP 8.3, I have been trying all solutions including using (wamp).
Still using xampp localhost I have followed all the processes and I have been trying to Debug it ever since.

iIcopied all gibbon files to htdoc root and replace existing file when prompt

now gibbon work properly

Got any links for me,