Gibbon installation for one school with 7 locations

can gibbon be deployed for a school with 7 locations.A centralised DB is the aim,but being able to differentiate BTW these locations.

A clear view is this: to have the centralized DB, but users in each location can only login to see details of their particular location.

Hello, EduDot. Welcome to the community. Regarding your situation, it would be helpful to know why you want a centralised database and whether students remain at the same location all the time? Thanks

Thanks trains5390,
Easy access and having Global view across all school locations remains key reasons.
Others include having at a glance Global statistics, being able to use same resources across all school locations.
And yes, students remains at their respective locations. There are no Interchange at anytime.
Teachers too are permanent in these various locations, except maybe on transfer, which isn’t too much an issue and it doesn’t happen all the time.

Okay, I’m going to take a look at my install and see if I could do it. It may be possible but tricky by putting a designated letter before each class number to signify location.

Hey EduDot. Sadly this is not currently possible. I wish we could add a multi-school feature to run multiple schools off one code base and database (like WordPress does for websites), but we don’t have the resources at the moment.

I do believe, however, that @ross was talking about adding the ability to have database table prefixes into v15, which would allow you to run multiple installs from one database. I wonder if Sandra might let us know if this is still on the drawing board.



Good question. I do remember thinking about table prefixes, must have mentioned it at some point but I cannot recall when :smiley: It’s a change that would require editing every SQL query in Gibbon, so it’s likely possible after more of the architectural changes have been made to the core. Adding prefixes would help with multiple installs as well as potentially adds some security against sql injection/attacks, I think it’s something worth considering for the long-term roadmap (perhaps not as soon as v15 though).

Thank you Admin i am hopeful that @trains5390 might come up with something, while we await @ross for her response.

i am really keen on making a solution for this, It would really help.

thank you everyone. GIBBON is a life saver

I wouldn’t be too hopeful. Ross, is there any way he could add a prefix to each class and a custom field to each student, or do this by different houses/roll group?

@ross seems like I got a bit ahead of myself there! Looks like extending PDO might be the easiest way to do this, perhaps, as you say, as part of a larger DB abstraction layer:

Jack, I’d not recommend any undertake this unless they are familiar with the system, have coding experience, and are willing to contribute changes back to avoid getting cut off from the Gibbon core.


Okay. Sorry @EduDot but Ross us correct. He knows the system way more than me. I was just thinking far out. Good luck in finding a solution!

:‘( :’( :‘( :’( :cry: Still need a solution. Any recommendation ?
or does it mean that we would have to install 7 installations of Gibbon?
But how can we merge the Database of all school locations? I guess with this we might be finding alternatives to this solution

thanks Ross, Jack , Sandra…

If you install 7 installations across the web for each school, you can login to each. It would be a hassle but surely, when managing each, you would rather they were separate? @EduDot

EduDot, at the moment you would need to install 7 separate Gibbons, but they could be on the same server. You could then use SQL on that single server to query all seven databases to find out the information you want: not ideal, but should be doable. If you do end up finding a better solution, I’d love to know what it is so that we can learn from it. Sorry we can’t do more to address this issue right now. Ross.

thanks everyone, we would keep working on it. i believe we are getting there. this has expanded our scope and the need for future upgrade.

well done everyone.

Hello Everyone,
I’m here once again. Still on the path to finding solution. The thought came during the night.

I had love to ask that, presently in Gibbon is there any level of abstraction that allows for a user with some roles to login to the portal only to see a selected view of say, department or year group or year houses.

This is my point, if it’s possible to create or have such a login view, then the “Year Houses”, for example, might serve as the locations for this school.

We want the staff in each location to have only a view that partains to that location and then the admin would have all views.

I hope this explanation is possible and it’s clear enough.


@EduDot, with regards to possibility, only Sandra or Ross will know. However, in my suggestions comment, this was the exact idea when I said houses. Hopefully your explanation will help.

EduDot, I don’t believe this will allow you to simulate different schools within one Gibbon install, as houses are a fairly minor feature in Gibbon. Ross.

@trains5390 That’s a good possible feature you pointed out. I would however recommend that you don’t store all the data on the same database, and then, why do you want to keep the data of all the schools on the same centralized location? For easy access by management or students? or for easy integration?

@trains5390 Would you agree with a custom solution for that specif Request.

Thanks @jmsperu Keeping the database centralized would ensure that all info can be reached at once and at a glance. It is for easy access by management.