Gibbon installation for one school with 7 locations

@jmsperu Yes, I know, however some want simplified management like @EduDot does.

@trains5390 Would you agree with using a custom solution for that specific Request.

@EduDot I would prefer a Platform that can synchronize data from all the seven schools and keep on one database or use APIs to query the info you want so what you could just access from the same location.

@jmsperu Ask @admin on this. He’ll know. I just help out with simple issues where I can on the forum. Or Sandra, but she is away, I believe.

@trains5390 will wait for @admin him to the back to us. Perhaps it may be included in the next version.

@jmsperu I strongly doubt it will be available for the next version. v15 is to do with mobile responsiveness which is a huge task. As for v16, I’m not completely sure yet, the website says a roadmap will be released in time.

wow. Thanks @jmsperu and @trains5390 what a lovely brainstorm.
@jmsperu what would the specific custom solution be? maybe we can have a look , while we await @admin

We ain’t giving up yet

@EduDot you can have a go at conversing with @jmsperu over a custom solution. The main reason for this not yet being available is it is a huge feature and there are other priorities that come higher on the list for the developers.

@EduDot and @trains5390 : Two options, a dashboard that queries all other system for data you want to search, of can be a plugin on one that allows you to access the others via an API.

@trains5390 is right, it is unlikely to be in v15 or v16. It would be a huge rewrite of the whole system, and is something I would like to have, but that not a lot of people have specifically asked for. One option is for someone to write a wrapper layer in order to do work across multiple schools. Sorry that I don’t have a more positive answer for now. Ross.

@EduDot and @trains5390 What do you think now will work out of the two options.

thanks @jmsperu so sorry for my late response, i have been on sick bed ever since.
I think the idea of the dashboard is awesome. how soon can that be ready?

@EduDot . I take it that you want a commercial solution for that? Then if that’s the case you can tell me your requirements then I will email you with all the details.

thanks @jmsperu commercial??? hmm, don’t think we want to go that route.

@EduDot then we work on a project for that collaboratively and making available on the community

@jmsperu that’s fine. let all community benefit from it. how do we proceed.

@EduDot Lets list down the requirements first.

ok. how do we go about listing the requirements?