FormGroups and Classes

This is a request in future updates: if possible to include creating of linked classes in the process of creating a formgroup.
This will streamline and easen the steps of creating formgroups with their connected classes.

In the forum, similar question was asked around 2019:

Thank you

Hi Kelvin, depending on what you mean by linked classes, I believe this feature may already exist through the Sync Course Enrolment option in Timetable Admin. This feature lets you link form groups to specific classes, so that when students are enrolled either manually or through the application form, they can be automatically enrolled in the classes that are associated with that form group.

True, the Sync Course enrolment is there. Lets say you create a new form group called Year 11A in School Admin, then under Sync Course Enrolment automatically there wont be a class to link with this form group as one needs to create the class in each course that matches that form group and thereafter now got to Sync Course Enrolment option.

(for multiple courses this becomes repetitive task as is not one page but on different pages of the courses)