Class & Form

Can you please explain your interpretation of Form and Class

In the UK from my era, they are one and the same!

However, you seem to be using Class as a facility (Classroom) and Form as a Naming convention for the Class but that makes no sense… :# I’m confused… And my head hurts :cry:

Hi Martin,

Educational nomenclature is highly variable, and so confusion is bound to occur. That is why we’ve included a string replacement tool under Admin > System Admin, so you can adjust to suit.

In short, Form is generally a subdivision of year (although some schools use vertical form groups that span years): this generally links students to the teacher responsible for their overall well being and progress, is where morning attendance is taken, etc. We call this “pastoral care” at ICHK Secondary.

Often classes, which focus on specific subject areas, are taught in form groups, but often not.

In primary schools, form and class are often one and the same.