Form Builder Guidance

I know it’s a beta feature in v24, but I’m not finding any information to guide me in getting the new Form Builder to work. Is there any documentation that I’m missing? The upgrade to v24 was perfect and I love the comprehensive options in the form builder, but I’m just not sure how to get started.


Hi Kevin, thanks for your question. It’s been a very busy end of year for us here and we haven’t had a chance yet to write documentation for this lovely new feature, but we certainly plan to. Ideally, this will be added over the summer before the start of the next school year, we’ve just been short on time and capacity with the release coinciding with the end of the year.


That makes perfect sense, Sandra. I will keep messing with it and see what I can manage to assemble on this end.

The new update is looking good so far, though, and upgrading keeps getting easier and more reliable each time. Thanks for all the work on your end!


Hello team,

I’ll drop this question here as seems related:

Gibbon uses: surname+preferd name in most parts of the system, what happens when application form is build with only Official Name field? what would be the downside or is there a configuration to set official name as main name for the system?

→ goal: to reduce the name fields, current: surname, firstname, prefered name, official name

Thank you.

Hi Kelvin, I can certainly understand wanting to reduce these fields. There must be at least two minimum name fields, 1) a preferred name or first name, and 2) a surname. From there, it can extrapolate and come up with the other fields. It cannot use only an Official Name, as there’s no guaranteed way to extract first and surnames from this, as names are complex and vary widely. Hope this helps.

Okay, i will try see how reduce the repeatition there using the combinations you’ve just mentioned.

Thanks again.

Hello again, Gibbon Team!

I have encountered a more specific form builder issue, this one related to the Application Form Confirmation email that is automatically sent to parents. Several parents have mentioned that this email looks like they are the one applying for admission (rather than their student) and I finally saw a copy of an email when a parent forwarded it today. It doesn’t explicitly state that the parent is the student, but it does list the parent at the top of the submission details in a way that is confusing.

Here is the confusing section of the email (with the names adjusted to protect privacy).

Please find a copy of your submitted details below, for your reference:

  • Last Name: [Family Last Name]
  • First Name: [Parent First Name]
  • Preferred Name: [Parent Preferred Name]
  • Official Name: [Parent Official Name]
  • Gender: Female [Parent]
  • Date of Birth: 01/30/2007 [Student]

I looked at the Application Form Confirmation email template to see if I could make adjustments on my own, but all the * fields are drawing on {{submissionDetails|raw}}. Is there a way for me to check or adjust this so parents receive something less confusing?


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the heads up, that isn’t the intended behaviour of the script and it certainly is confusing to mix the fields together like that. It looks like it was related to the field labels, I’ve updated the script in a fix for v26, which you can find below. It’s a small fix so should be easy to apply to your system:

I’ve also updated the template data so it will pass along the full set of submitted data to the template, should you want to design your own list of details rather than an automatic one. For example, if the field name (not the label) is homeAddress in your form, you can output it in your email template with the Twig tag {{ homeAddress }}


Hope this helps!

I applied this to my two systems, Sandra–it was indeed an easy addition and will hopefully solve the problem. Thank you again!

I don’t have a great way to test this, though. The test emails in the system admin don’t actually attach any student data, so I don’t think I will know the result until I get another application.

I feel confident it will work, but I will keep you posted if not. I appreciate some added flex and functionality!

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