Form Builder Guidance

i tried so many times but Parent 2 never being created.
Any idea, suggestions…please

Hi all, I’ll look into this, as it seems several people are reporting the issue. It’s been a busy start of the school year and we’re short on developer capacity at the moment, but I’ll do my best to take a look soon and let you know.

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Thank you Sandra
Thant would be great

Thanks everyone for sharing the details of this issue. I’ve created a patch for it, however it’s not a simple one-file fix, so I’ve bundled it into a v25.0.01 release which has just gone out today, and includes a number of other fixes and improvements: Release Ice House Street (Maintenance & Security Release) · GibbonEdu/core · GitHub Schools are advised to update, and there should be little front-end impact, as there are no new features, just bug fixes and security improvements. Thanks!

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