Emails are not sent to new students with temporary password!

Hi everyone.

Previously, when my instructors and I were experimenting Gibbon for the first time, new students AND parents were sent an email with their temp. passwords but recently, I have noticed that the emails aren’t being sent.

How do I know that my SMTP configs are correct?
Because Gibbon sends email for other features, i.e. pass changes, notifications, message wall updates, etc.

Have you checked the logs?
Yes, I have followed the procedure provided in this post:
but unfortunately, I am still stuck with this issue. No errors were seen.

I need help, urgently.


Hi Kevin,

If emails are sending for other areas of the system but not here, then your mail settings may not be the culprit. In this case, password resets require a unique email address for that user. If the email address is not unique, they can still reset their password by typing their username, but not their email. There is an error message that will generally display if this is the case: “Your request failed due to incorrect, non-existent or non-unique email address or username.”

Gosh, you’re fast! Anyways, I understand where you’re coming from, but I think you misunderstood my topic.

What I was referring to, is… students aren’t getting the usual email that says the following in the screenshot:

What can be blocking this mailing feature from doing its job?

What is there to do to at least troubleshoot or fix this issue as soon as possible? We had two actual students of the education institution tried to register, and it was all successful UNTIL we approved the applications and ticked the boxes to send the welcoming emails to both them and their parents, it doesn’t work.

We have Moodle integrated with Gibbon as well, and Moodle works like a charm. The moodle welcoming email sends too, so I can also confirm that the SMTP server is working very good, but something’s just off about the Gibbon side of things, get what I’m saying? I need urgent help because our Directors will be reviewing this site tomorrow, and I don’t wanna look like a douche when presenting. Thanks!

Hi Kevin,
With your SMTP account, are the emails showing up in the outbox, drafts, or sent folders at all, or can you see it in any logs? Or is it straight up just not happening?

Additionally, have you configured the settings under Admin > User Admin > Student Management > Application Form Settings? You may need to configure the student notification and enable it in the acceptance options.

Hopefully your presentation tomorrow goes well.

Hi Ashton,

The email function is straight up not happening, and I was forced to postpone the presentation to tomorrow due to this specific issue, because the ones who I have to present to, will be looking at the SRMS from both an instructor and a student’s perspective. I even checked my SMTP account and no emails are being sent - I also checked the inbox and mails seem to be coming in, but none has gone out ever since the last time I did a mock/test application with my mock student account. And I obviously can’t let the Directors see this, and not get an email, right?

This is what my current settings look like:

But don’t you think it’s a bit odd that it actually worked for the FIRST two mock accounts, and afterward, it stopped working? Isn’t it strange.

Again, urgent assistance needed. I would be thankful for all the help given.


Hi @Ashton or @ross Can you please help me out? Please! I’m a bit frustrated.

We’re all based in Hong Kong time, hence the delay in response. It’s interesting that it worked for the first mock accounts but not others. Have you checked that you’re not using the same emails as already existing accounts? And/or that you are providing the email?

Also, which version of gibbon are you running, have you updated or made any changes (even minor ones) since the first two mock accounts?

Following Ash’s suggestions, which are good things to check first, are you able to also check email sending in another area to ensure it’s not on your server side? You can go into Messenger and send an email, and if this doesn’t go through as well, then perhaps something has changed in your server settings or mail config.

When you accept the application, is it going through successfully, even though the email doesn’t send? Or is the application acceptance failing as well?

Hi @ross and @Ashton

I have been facing a very huge disadvantage ever since I created this discussion and didn’t get a right answer from you guys. That led me to manually email EACH student with their login details, and trust me, emailing 100+ students isn’t an easy task to do.

So this morning, I ran into a few more issues.

  1. When I accepted an application, at the bottom of the success page, it told me that the emails were not sent to both the parents nor student.
  2. When I tried to changed the password to my account with the Forgot Password feature,I saw this:

Notes to consider: The Moodle integration IS SENDING its email as it should be for the Moodle website, but for Gibbon it’s being a completely TOUGH nut to crack.

Have a look at my error.log file:

[Thu Nov 05 05:21:33.476514 2020] [php7:notice] [pid 30589] [client] PHP Notice: Undefined index: gibboni18nID in /var/www/ on line 224, referer:

I even purchased a few more mail servers just for Gibbon, and nothing seems to work. I even tried to change the password for the SMTP accounts.

Oh, and you told me to try the Messenger. I did, and that didn’t work too. NONE emails are receiving updates.

By now, I would have reinstalled Gibbon, but I did a lot of setup and don’t wanna loose all of my student’s data.

Another thing, this error is shown when I try to change my password with my username and NOT email address:

Logged Error:
[Thu Nov 05 05:39:44.696847 2020] [php7:notice] [pid 30589] [client] PHP Notice: Undefined index: gibboni18nID in /var/www/ on line 224, referer:

Hi Kevin,

I can hear by the tone of your email that you’re frustrated. Configuring servers can often be a tricky process, as there are many settings and variations between software on a server. Be sure to keep in mind that the forums here are managed voluntarily. We do try our best to offer assistance, but a measure of patience and understanding will go a long way. That said, both Ash and I did reply on Oct 16th. We’ve offered some suggestions based on the clues you’ve provided, which is the best we can do, given how different every server setup is.

If none of the email functions are working, it sounds like your SMTP settings may not be correct. If it’s working for Moodle but not Gibbon, it’s likely the settings themseves, rather than the SMTP server. This is almost always an authentication issue, be sure to check that the port, encryption and user details are all correct in System Settings > Third Party Settings. Another way to test email sending is to try an alternate sending method, such as local sendmail (by turning SMTP off), or Gmail’s smtp relay service.

Hope this helps. Every server setup is different, we are happy to offer suggestions based on the information you’ve shared, but fixing this will likely require troubleshooting and checking the server configuration on your end.