Difficulty enrolling students

I am having difficulty enrolling students. I’m on a test system, I created a form with Gibbon’s Form Builder and managed to enroll some dummy students. Within the system, in the People > Admissions > Manage Applications menu, I can view applications and accept them. But how can I turn them into a license plate? How to turn this registration into a student?

Thank you very much in advance!


Can you check the answer in this thread?: Question about the necessary settings for a student to appear enrolled

It might apply to your case too.


Hi @Felips20 The application form can automatically enrol a student in the selected school year, but only if a Form Group has been set for that student. This is done when editing the application before accepting it, check the Office Only section to assign a Form Group to the student. Otherwise, without knowing what form group to place the student in, the system cannot automatically enrol them when the application is accepted. There is a note on the acceptance page that will notify you whether the student will be enrolled or not when the application is accepted. Hope this helps!

Hi Sandra, I managed to locate this “Office Only” section. However, the Form Group field does not appear for me to define. I even put in the “Entry Entry Group” and the “Expected Entry Year.” Thank you for your return!

Hmm, that is odd, can you check to see that this field hasn’t been removed from your form in System Admin > Form Builder. You should see the field, as below, highlighted in purple because it’s Office Only:

I understood. I was able to find this field in the form builder (left image).

However, when I access this form as someone who is going to register on this form, this field does not appear (right image). There is still the issue of the “Year of Entry Group” field being a mandatory field and no option to select appears.

Thank you for your patience and attention
Sincerely, Felipe da Silva

In the image Form Group at entry page.jpg, it shows the settings I used in the form builder for this field.

Thank you very much
Felipe da Silva

Hello @fvlasie! Forgive me, I forgot to answer you. I had checked this topic, but hadn’t found anything useful for my situation. Thanks a lot for the help

Hi Felipe, this is correct, the field will not show up for people who are filling out the form, because it is an Office Only field. This is because form groups/homeroom teachers are generally assigned by the school and not something the parent could choose for themselves. In Manage Applications, before the application is accepted, the office administrator managing your applications can edit the application and set the Form Group at Entry, which will show up in the Office Only section. Hope this helps!