Question about the necessary settings for a student to appear enrolled

I would like to know what is necessary for a student to appear in the system as enrolled.

Background: We have a student who did not graduate with his class back in June of 2022 due to failing a class. He completed that class in the next semester, but due to some odd factors he never graduated. Now he wants to graduate, and we need to generate a transcript. However, the grade for the course he completed is not showing up on his transcript. I want to check on why in the Reporting module we have, but he does not appear as a student.

So, I have done the following:

  1. I marked his status as a Student to Full and ensured there was no end date to his enrolment.
  2. I moved him to the year group and form group that is the same as the students in the class he took.
  3. I even moved his expected graduation date to this year.

However, he does not appear on the list of currently enrolled students. Although I can see in the markbook that a grade was entered for him, since he is not recognized as a current student in the system, I cannot do what I need to do to ensure his final grade appears on his transcript.

Can someone please help me? In the past, getting students to appear in the system simply required me to mark them as Full status. But it isn’t working this time.


You need to enrol the student under People>Admissions>Student Enrolment

Then use the
Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 11.06.19 AM
at the top of the list.


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Thanks, fvlasie. That did the trick. It’s wacky to me how many steps you have to go through just to enroll a student. I can never recall them all.