Course Requests

I know a lot of schools in the US that use Course Requests to build their Master Schedule (Timetable) for the next school year. I know a lot of US systems have this and they sort options by department or subject. It would also be cool to see the Graduation Requirements and see how many credits are needed to fulfill graduation. Administrators can also set up which classes can be selected and maybe on the admin side be able to select multiple students in year groups and lock course requests.

Hi @tarogers2000. Yes, this is something that Gibbon can do. While Course Requests are not built into the core, there is a module called Course Selections that is quite flexible and can be used for a range of course selection processes with various constraints on selections that students make. The module can be downloaded from the Extend page on the Gibbon website: Extend - Gibbon

I developed the module for a school that I support, who are happy to share the module for free, however there currently isn’t public documentation for the module. You can find some good info in some of the posts on this forum though, such as: Course Selection Module how-to - #3 by richardg

Credits are not built into Gibbon by default either, as they are quite dependent on a particular curriculum or school system, but the Custom Fields system is quite flexible and will let you add a Credit value to either courses or classes in the system.