Admissions emails not sending

Hello, I have v27 installed and I have set up Google Workspace Education to email. I am getting the admissions applications emails and test emails sent to me when I test it, but when I try to use the admissions application form that I set up, it says the parent email cannot be sent and nothing ever shows up. I also can’t seem to enroll a student when clicking accept. It says they have to be enrolled manually at a later time. I can go in and enroll them by hand, but clicking accept does absolutely nothing and no confirmation emails are ever sent to the parent. What can I check with my forms or settings to make sure the emails are being sent when applications are submitted and when students are accepted and enrolled?

I’m having a similar issue. My Admission Form Confirmation email TESTS fine…but when I APPLY it says email could not be sent (and it says to the STUDENT email). I was on 26.0 and just updated to 27.0 and am having the same issue.

Just as a background…
We DID just change our email password - which I changed in Gibbon successfully. AND, I did have the template screwed up somehow at first, since I kept releasing Gibbons when testing. I removed the form letter fields and reentered them and it sent the test fine.

My sincere apologies for this bug and any interruption it may have caused to your admissions process. We work hard to ensure each release is stable and working correctly, and it looks like this change was made late in the release cycle to address a different issue, and was unfortunately not caught during testing.

I have now released Gibbon v27.0.01 to address this issue, as well as include any other bug fixes up to this point. If you’d prefer not to update your whole system, the exact fix can be found here, and you can patch your system by updating the files listed in this commit: Admissions: fixed submission emails and acceptance emails not sending · GibbonEdu/core@2fb781c · GitHub

Please let me know if you encounter any further issues with Admissions or v27. Thanks.