You do not have sufficient privileges to login

I have installed Gibbon in Virtual Machine in Ubuntu 16.04

Now I am login with user “admin” but not with the staff user. I am getting the message “You do not have sufficient privileges to login”

How to resolve?

Please help me.

Hi jatinrku,

That message likely means the user you’re logging in to has Can Login set to No for their account, which can be found and edited in Manage Users.

Hi Sandra,

It is already set to can login as yes but still users are not able to login.

However IF I select the specific role from "All Roles " under “SYSTEM ACCESS” then users are able to login.

Ah interesting, are these imported users? If that’s the case then yes, I suspect their roles may not have been entirely imported. At the very least the All Roles section needs to contain the Primary Role for that user. The Edit User interface will do this automatically, but on import (if using Data Admin) you can set these to import from the same column as Primary Role, or add a column with comma-separated Role short names.

Im having a similar problem. Parents (users) cannot sign in. How do I select the specific role from "All Roles " under “SYSTEM ACCESS” for all the parents automatically? There’s no “All roles” column in the data admin module for importing users.

Hi fosippo. Please try to avoid duplicate posts, as this makes it harder for people to find the answers they need, and takes more time for us to answer. I’ve added a reply to your other post: Thanks!