You do not have sufficient privileges to login (Parent User)

Trying to login with a parent user but I am getting the message “You do not have sufficient privileges to login”. Can login is set to yes, so that part is covered.
I see that the problem is in All Roles under SYSTEM ACCESS.
How do i set all the parent users to “Parent” in All roles under System Access, Doing it manually one by one is very tasking.

Maybe some SQL code. Please help urgently

Hi fosippo,

Here’s an SQL snippet that should help:

UPDATE gibbonPerson SET gibbonRoleIDAll=gibbonRoleIDPrimary WHERE gibbonRoleIDAll IS NULL OR gibbonRoleIDAll = ‘’;`

In Data Admin you can import these too, looks like it’s called Other Roles rather than All Roles but it’s right below the Primary Role option. For this column, you can set it to be identical to the Primary Role, or provide a CSV list of roles (short names).

Hope this helps!