Year group teachers cannot see their student's grades when writing their reports and comments


This could be a feature request, but I’m wondering how teachers in other schools write year group comments for their students? In the Gibbon Reports module teachers can see comments about students, but they cannot see any other fields about the student. In our case, all the teachers are supposed to enter all the comments, grades, etc for all the subjects, then the pastoral care teachers go in and review the comments before they write a summary comment for the year group. We don’t have a way for the pastoral care teachers to view the grades of their students through the reporting module. I don’t see a way around this other than a custom component to pull the data or extending the Reports component. I wonder if there is a way around this that I missed, or if anyone else has this issue?

Sorry, this is already present in the reports module - I just didn’t see where. When you write a year group comment there is a report section detailing everything below the comment area.

Hi tr_james, great to hear you found a solution. Yes, the pastoral teachers for Form Group or Year Group scopes will see a summary of all other comments and grades for a student when they are writing their own comments.

If you have any comments that are shared with a teacher with the intent of them combining it all into one comment, be sure to check out the Remark option in Criteria Types. This type of criteria creates a comment that doesn’t go into the reports automatically, but instead is shared on the summary view for other teachers to read. For example, in one elementary school I help, the specialist teachers share their comments as short remarks, and the pastoral teacher incorporates these into their final written comment…