Why student can't view their invoice?

My students can’t view their invoice while their parents can. I need my students can view their invoice

Hi buiphung,
Finance permission is set to parents only . If you want to show invoices to parents , You should change Permission for Students from Admin …> User Admin …> Manage Permissions


Invoices to Students*

Thank ghulamabbas92 .I changed Permisson for student Admin → User Admin → Manage Permissons → Invoice → View Invoices _ mine: true but it does not work.I really don’t know why.Please tell me how i can do this

could you share some screen shots so, it can be cleared

I think you haven’t issued invoices yet. So when the status of invoices issued it will show up on student’s dashboard.

Thank ghulamabbas92 for your reply. Invoice was paid and it showed up on parent’s dashboard. But it doesn’t show on student’s dashboard. I really don’t know why. It is so strange

It is showed up on parents’ dashboard like this

But it is not showed up on student’s dashboard like this

I will get back after testing it and will let you know.

Thank ghulamannas92 very much

Any help please

Hi @ross , @admin , @meierrom ,

I found the same issue . Can you look into the matter?

Can also confirm it. Seems to be a bug.

Please tell me how I can fix this bug. It is important with me. Thank

Something I just found out. I checked Gibbon v17 and it works just fine there.

Ok, here we are:

File: modules/Finance/invoices_view.php
Line: ca. 113

Change the following:
//if (!empty($gibbonPersonID) and count($options) > 0) {
if ($gibbonPersonID != ‘’ and $count > 0) {

Please check it out and report back.

Well spotted, this is indeed a bug. Thanks for the quick fix Roman! However, you may find an unintended side-effect is that this enables student access to work but breaks the parent access :sweat_smile: But your fix was very close! I tweaked the script a couple lines up and committed it to v20 here, which you can apply back to v19: https://github.com/GibbonEdu/core/commit/b65fbf9ca8e9d37ba788386170f8c07af5527b0e

Thank all very much. I can do it