Why Gibbon ?

"Gibbons appear to have reached an evolutionary optimum. They are big and strong enough to cover the distance jumps so high, and small and light enough to not hurt when the creeper and misses a collapse of the height "
Dr. James Unserwood, Hatfielld Royal Veterinary College, UK
Ross, please tell us if you can, as the name Gibbon idea! Nobody asked the question yet. !!
I am sure that the hundreds of hours of writing lines of code have always had this challenge, how to baptize … flexibility, accuracy, simplicity … neither too large nor too small,
Thanks Steve, on behalf of all participants in the forum, an excellent platform … a true Gibbon!


A good question! In my mid twenties, when I first started working in schools I would walk to the train station after school, and pass through the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanic Gardens (http://www.lcsd.gov.hk/en/parks/hkzbg/), where they have some Gibbons in large enclosures. I would sit and stare, in wonder, at the playful, creative flexibility of the Gibbons as they brachiated (swung), from limb to limb. I was doing a lot of yoga at that time, and so their flexibility really appealed to me. When it came time to choose a name, those experiences came to mind as embodying what the software is about.

You can read more of the Gibbon story in this article on opensource.com: http://opensource.com/education/14/2/gibbon-project-story

Hope this helps!