Why comma " , " clears the fast finer field

i am not sure if its a predefined shortcut for clearing the field or its there for another reason. but it happens that comma " , " keyboard button have an arabic letter that you just cant manage to not to type in a sentence (its like O,U,W in English).

any clue or guidance.?

Hi taha,

Well caught. Looks like it was a behaviour of the TokenInput plugin for jQuery. I’ve updated the file to remove the comma key from the list of keys that clear the input field, which you can find in the following commit for v23: https://github.com/GibbonEdu/core/commit/814fcd501f71628d27c2d65c4cc9b81cd21901c4. You can apply the same change to your codebase (or download the updated file and replace /lib/jquery-tokeninput/src/jquery.tokeninput.js). Then, since it’s a javascript file that is commonly cached browser-side, be sure to go to System Admin > Cache Manager and select and clear Front End Cache.


thanks Sandra