Whole school timetable view

Would it be possible to have a timetable view that would show all the classes being offered at any given time during the term?

Currently the timetable/schedule displays for each user on the home page, showing whatever classes that user is taking or teaching. But administrators need to be able to have the big picture in mind. Currently our school essentially maintains two timetables, one in Gibbon and one in a Google Drive sheet. That sheet must be edited whenever we make a change in Gibbon and vice versa. Once I learned how to use Gibbon to handle the timetable, I like it. It is easier to make minor adjustments to the timing of periods, etc., than a spreadsheet. But Gibbon only displays the courses I am teaching. I want to be able to see the big picture.

I realize this could get tricky for display purposes (a large school might have many offerings at the same time). At our school we never offer more than three classes during any one period, and usually two. Maybe putting it on the timetable grid would require the grid to be flexible to display a large number of classes or displaying using a table rather than a grid would make better sense.

I am attaching an example to show what I mean.

In this example Class 1 and Class 2 meet at the same time.

What do you think?

Daniel, the current solution is not as nicely presented as your version, as we lacked time, but it does show everything going on in class. Check it out under Learn > Timetable > View Master Timetable. You could always pull the data out and render it in the format you want, or teach people to use Command/Control-F to find what they want. Thanks, Ross.

Thanks, that’s great to know. I guess I did not look hard enough.