Where to encode the Employee ID?

Good day. In a setup where the Username has the format [firstname] + “.” + [lastname] and the Employee ID has the format “FS” + [year_started] + [number], where should we type-in the Employee ID? When I typed the employee’s Employee ID on the “Student ID” field, it is saved in the database. But when I opened/edited the newly-created employee in “Manage Users”, the “Student ID” field is not displayed for the employee.

Hi Richard,

Student ID ought not to appear in User Manage when the person has a staff role.

For Employee ID, I would suggest you look at Custom Fields, which took a big leap forward in v22. To do this head to Admin > System Admin > Custom Fields.

Let us know how you get on with this.


Thanks Ross for the reply. May I ask follow-on questions:

  1. Please let me know if understanding is correct that the custom field for Employee ID should have a context value of “Staff” and not “User”.
  2. Is there a way to add the Generate button of the Username field of “User Admin” > “Manage Users” > “Add User” to this custom field? It’s no issue if it’s not possible, am just asking if there’s alternative to copying the generated Username to clipboard, changing the Username to the [firstname] + “.” + [lastname] format, and then pasting the clipboard value to the custom field.

Hi, Richard!

  1. If you want a custom field to only apply to staff members, then setting the context value to Staff makes the most sense.
  2. Sorry, unfortunately there is no way to do this.

Thank you @hmerrett for the reply :slight_smile: