Where do my duplicate templates go?

When I want to customize a template, I used to duplicate it and there would be a copy available for me to rename. But I suspect that we now have some folder on the server that I don’t have access to and now those duplicates disappear into that folder and I can’t manipulate them. Are you able to tell me how to find where they might now be heading to?

Hi Tony, this is an interesting one. When you duplicate a template, but default the suggested file name is the same as the original:

I suspect that if you don’t change the name, then it does not duplicates, as it overrights the original file with itself.

Might this explain what is happening, or are you changing the name?



Thanks Ross,

Right you are… I was oblivious to the fact that I was being offered the option to change the name. I didn’t and it didn’t! So the original has been overwritten - this explains everything.