Where do I get the .po file from?

Hello dear members!

I have created a new installation for our school.
Since it is a simple elementary school, I want to change some words.

Previously, with the *.mo files (in /i18n/nl_NL/LC_MESSAGES/), I found the corresponding *.po file as well. This allowed me to modify texts locally with Poedit.

Where or how can I get a corresponding *.po file?

Thanks for your answer.
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Hi Rovanov,

We use the online editor POEditor for our translation work. The mo files can be downloaded through the Gibbon Manage Languages interface, and the po files are managed through POEditor and GitHub. If you’d like to work on improving the translations for any language, please feel free to email support@gibbonedu.org and let us know which language you’d like to work on. Changing the po files manually could mean you lose your changes when the files are updated as part of the 6-month release cycle.

If you would like a list of all raw po and mo files, these can be found on the GibbonEdu/i18n GitHub repository here: https://github.com/GibbonEdu/i18n

Hope this helps.

Thank you Sandra,
I want to change some terms because we are an elementary school. In doing so, I want to change terminology that will not make sense to everyone. (Student → learner, courses → lessons etc).

I am terribly excited about your project and would like to contribute in the form of translation, if it is still needed.
Thanks & Greetings!

Hi Rovanov, great to hear you’re excited about Gibbon and keen to contribute :smiley:

You may find the System Admin > String Replacement feature more helpful for changing terminology, as it doesn’t require editing files, and the changes will persist from version to version.

Thanks again Sandra!
Mainly because you made me look at that option again.
Again, amazing flexibility with Gibbon!