When Exporting ]Student Enrolment from Data Admin "Student" Field is empty

Hello team, I need to export enrollment data for our school, to do some auditing and updates.
I used Data Admin module, but the Student field where usernames supposed to be is coming empty.
Any fix?

I hope someone can assist with this

Hi Aziz, thanks for the heads up, I’ve fixed the issue which was related to certain fields allowing multiple options when importing (eg: email or studentID or username). The updated version can be found here: Extend - Gibbon

In general though, I would recommend Query Builder, or any SQL queries, if you’re trying to export large sets of meaningful data. The export option in Data Admin simply attempts to reverse the import process to be able to export relational data from tables (rather than just IDs), but it’s largely raw data. It doesn’t do the type of complex table joins and conditionals that would ensure, for example, that these students are set to Full and active in the system.