What's the difference between the Student Admission Form and the Public Registration Form?


  1. Is there a conceptual difference between these two? When should you use one or the other?

My guess:

The Public Registration seems to be only to create an account
The Application form creates the account and also gathers other information, and internally does a bunch of other things depending on the fields available in the form.
Is this right?
If so, great, otherwise I’ll appreciate your thoughts on this, and also what is each of them intended for?

  1. Is it possible to change the default Public Registration form, for a custom form? (like you can do with the Admission form)

Thank you!!
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Correct, Public Registration will let users create basic accounts automatically. Application forms submit a request but do not create the account until the application is accepted.

The Form Builder is quite new, so we rolled it out for Admissions only in the past version, but yes we do aim to refactor the Public Registration as well as Staff Application Forms to also use the new form builder, in future versions of Gibbon.

Great news! and great job!!
Thank you!!