What would be the ideal server specs for gibbon?

Hello! I wanted to know the ideal server specs for gibbon. The institution im working for is considering moving onto gibbon. We have a pilot of 500 students. Any suggestions will be helpful :slight_smile:

Hi Humna, this is a very good question, and one that is without any hard and fast rules. Our school uses a rack-mounted 2U server with dual Xeon CPUs and 16GB of RAM. It runs Ubuntu Linux server edition, and is dedicated to Gibbon, with three installations on the same server, each serving different campuses. We have around 850 K-13 students, 150 staff and over a thousand parents. Most of the time the server does not run about 5% of capacity…and so clearly it is over speced, but does allow us to deal with peak times (e.g. release of reports, booking of parent teacher consultations, etc).

I hope this helps, and would love to know what kind of server stack you end up going with.