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:point_right: If you’re a returning user, welcome back! Due to some issues with a software update, we’ve had to switch our forums to use a different platform called Discourse. Luckily, we we’re able to migrate all the original posts, categories and users. However, passwords were not migrated. Before you can login again you’ll need to click Login and choose the Forgot Password option.

If you’re a new user, welcome to our forum :wave: This is a place to ask questions and get help. Please feel free to Sign Up and create an account if you’d like to make a post, and be sure to use the search feature to look for existing answers to your questions.

We’re just getting settled into the new features and options in Discourse, so don’t be surprised if some things change a little as we get setup. Please do give a shout if you have any questions or you’re having trouble using the new forum software.



Loving the new software, looks nicer, and easier to search and find things.

The new forums look very nice!

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