Welcome email can not send out

Hello All,

When I finished the Application form for new students, I ticked on the "Automatically inform parents of their Gibbon login details by email? " The result of welcome email always noticed A welcome email could not be sent to *****. Any Ideas?

Kind regards,


Hi Butters,

This error is generated on line 1148 of /modules/Students/applicationForm_manage_accept.php. If you add a new line after this, and on it add the following code, you should get more information about the cause of the error:

echo $mail->ErrorInfo;

Let us know what output you get from this.



Hello Ross,

Thanks for your reply. I followed your step to do, and I got error 501, and changed my admission email to the correct email, the result was successful.

Best regards,


Hi Butters, great to hear that you found a solution : ) Thanks! Ross