Viewable Form Groups


First of all, I would like to thank you for giving our school access to an information management system catering for a British styled curriculum format. I have struggled to find a system (other than SchoolTool) that did not cost an absolute fortune to set up and maintain. OpenSiS was just too American for what I needed to do.

I am currently entering data for the upcoming year and I have already set up the year, users (teachers and some students), year groups, form groups, enrolled students in year/form groups, and set up a timetable with a daily schedule. I am now adding classes and enrolling students to each class.

I note that when I go to add students to a class, the form names do not appear in the list of enrollable students, and if I go to view the form groups, I do not see any groups because the default view is for the current year. Surely an administrator should be able to view form groups from the previous years and the next year - there does not appear to be a link to access either. I am assuming that my groups will appear once the year is active.




Thanks for your positive feedback on Gibbon. Hopefully the fact that it works well for UK schools is not a coincidence, but rather part of its flexible design. The end aim is that it is able to support any kind of school.

In the Manage Form Groups (Admin > School Admin) and Student Enrolment (People > Students) sections, you should see links at the top right of the main pane that allow you to switch between academic years:

Alternatively, you can use the Options link on the login page to reveal the School Year dropdown, and log into an entirely different year:

Note that access to past and future years can be disable/enabled on a per-role basis under Admin > User Admin > Manage Roles.

Hope this helps, and welcome to the community.


Thanks, Ross.
That is not quite what I had in mind. That displays by student and that functionality works OK. I am just trying to display a form group on the screen and only the students currently enrolled for next year as that group. I shall carry on as I am and see where it leads me. However, I shall try your other suggestion.

On a separate note and without kicking off a new discussion, I have both a test installation and a production installation running side by side. Do any of the groups ,e.g. HT07.3, have exemplar data like a complete unit and finished reports? It would be nice to see some semblance of the final product.


I did what you suggested and used the options to preselect the year. Worked a charm.