View student profile Error

Hi guys,
Myself our roles( administrator, teacher, support staff) and my Principal ( administrator, principal, teacher, parent) On Friday 3 Nov could under administrator role access student profile and view everything. We have been doing this all year. Today Monday 6/11 We are unable to access Student profile and can only do so if we go under “teacher” role.
Unsure why this has happened as nothing has been altered or changed since friday end of work.
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Hello MissBee!

Could you check permissions under Admin > User Admin > Manage Permissions then Module: Students?

Thank you so much for your reply. It was one of the first things I looked at - thinking maybe someone had accidentally changed my access. ( I am Admin as is the Principal) But we both have all boxes selected and ticked in manage permissions.
Very weird since as i mentioned we could do all the functions. Now this week unless we go in under role of teacher. We can not access any student info…

Hi @MissBee This sounds odd, and wouldn’t have happened on it’s own, so it sounds like something has changed in your system. Perhaps check some of the following:

  • Have any roles been deleted under Manage Roles?
  • Perhaps make sure you don’t have all the boxes checked, as some permissions are higher than others. If you want admin to have all access, I recommend just the View Student Profile_full or View Student Profile_fullEditAllNotes permissions.
  • Be sure to log out and back in again when making changes to what roles a user has.

Hope this helps.