View Markbook from Student's Profile

When I go to a student’s details and click on Markbook, it says there are no records to display. However, the students have markbooks all filled out for their classes.

The page says “This page displays academic results for a student throughout their school career. Only subjects with published results are shown.”

I assume this means that even though I have data in the markbooks, I didn’t publish the results. How do I do that? (Sorry if I missed something silly!)

I narrowed it down to the courses not being marked as “complete”… so if i comment that bit out of the SQL query it works. How do I mark a class as complete the normal way though? Is there a complete course button somewhere that I’m missing?

Hi exxodus7, when the teacher sets a Go Live date in a Markbook column (either in Edit or in Data view), it marks the column as complete. Once the Go Live date is met, it shows up for students. Hope this helps! Ross.