Version 21 problem 2

After upgrading to v.21, an error occurs when I go to Help Desk → Create Issue. I get 6 error pop-up errors all beginning with ‘Failed to initialize plugin:’ and followed by either table, paste, link, hr, charmap, or fullscreen. There were no entries in the help desk from this year, but it had worked well before updating first to v.20 and immediately followed by the latest version of Help Desk module. No error messages were displayed during either upgrade.
I can provide a screen shot if requested. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

The issue you’re seeing is also client-side cache related. In this case, it’s due to the TinyMCE update in v21. Holding shift and refreshing the page should update your browser cache.

That was the issue here, too. Just a note to anyone else who might read this trying to resolve similar problems in the future, the cache refresh done immediately prior on another page of Gibbon didn’t solve it. Refreshing on this page does.
Well done and thanks, again.