Validation on recipients selection

I am newly updated my gibbon from version 14 to 17, i noticed lot of changes has been done in the code, i want to ask that if any teacher forgot to select any of the recipients from year group or form group or any of the targets and just send the message in that case there is no validation. Is there any way that validation on recipients can be added or i have to personally configure it by coding

Hi akanrat,

Are you finding that teachers are often sending messages without any targets? If so, they should see a message somewhat like the one below:

It doesn’t look like there’s currently any client-side validation before they press the Submit button. It may require some extra javascript for this kind of validation, because there’s lots of different targets and none of them are specifically required. If you’d be interested in coding up a solution, please feel free to PR the changes to GitHub and give a shout if you have any questions :smiley:

Hi sandra,
Thanks for your response, and sorry to late respond you back s i was busy now days, If i will get the better slution i will give you the PR