V25 Student Enrollment


Need help with student enrollment/managment.
Goal: View submitted student application, manage them and assign/approve them.

Steps taken:

  1. Fill Sample Application Form. - Able to submit it.
  2. Email Confirmation: Request For Reference email and Application Form Confirmation both are generated - and user is receiving those emails.


  1. We do not see anything under Home > Admissions > Manage Applications
  2. Home > Notifications: Shows form was submitted. When I click on the form we see following error message
  3. PHP Files: We see that data is stored in Jason and application status is Pending.

Question: Not sure which parameters are missing. Do we need enable/configure any specific settings/permission

Any pointers will be help.


Corrections: We see data in sql database: Table gibbonAdmissionsApplication.
Reaching out to community -
a. If anyone has seen this kind of issue.
b. If anyone has successfully deployed v25 and is willing help us get started,

At present we are facing issues deploying basic functionality. Really appreciate any help/pointers with debugging the issue.


Hello Pinal,

I have successfully deployed v25 for several schools, and it is working very well. You can state here what help you need to get started and I’ll see whether I can point you in the right direction.



Thank you for your response.

At the moment - we are stuck with above problem where we see the data in sql table but it is not showing up under mange applications.

We are not sure where the problem is or how to debug the issue. May be some permissions issue - not sure.

1st phase Goal: Able open student registration for our Sunday school.

Please let me know best way to reach out to you.

Grp Email: systemadmin@chinmayagangotri.com

Appreciate all your help and guidance.