v24.0.01 login after update errors

I have updated to the new version, all systems are green, and I have access to it, but need to try many time, my coworkers cant seem to log in and get the Oh no the gibbons have escaped message and no login option om the right.

its a problem as this weekend we should train our team to use the program, but they cant login (some can by their phone)

This only happened after the update, all systems run as I was able to log in as the admin

Hi Chelda, this is very concerning, as the v24.0.01 upgrade shouldn’t have affected any major system files. Can you please share some more information to help us understand the issue.

  • Did you perform a full system update, or use the patch file from the email sent out to the community?
  • Which version of Gibbon were you using prior to updating?
  • Which versions of PHP and MySQL are you using?
  • Can you please check your PHP error log, as anytime you see the Oh No! message this means a PHP error has occurred, and there should be a log of the error in your log file.
  • Be sure to check your file settings, especially if you did a full system update and replaced previous files.

i did a full system update, I found finally in the php error log the issue, the update created a double line into a file, as such when removed, i was able to operate normally