V22 Student Application form - Input from file

Seems to be broken in v22 gives an error when you try to access it
Home > System Admin > Import From File > Student Application Form > Step 1

Hi Brian,

Thanks for flagging this. There have been some substantial changes to the handling of this data in v22, and it seems like this was left out. We’ll get on it.

Hi @ross,

Please can you look into this when you have a moment?



Hi Brian,

This file was updated in v22 in the core. I suspect you may be using a custom version of it that you’ve uploaded yourself, or perhaps your resources/imports folder has not been fully updated. You can grab the official version of the studentApplicationForm.yml file here: https://github.com/GibbonEdu/core/blob/v22.0.00/resources/imports/studentApplicationForm.yml