V.25 Google integration login fails

Hello. Good evening, I just updated to version 25, however, the login with Google does not work. I share screenshots of the API and the error presented. I appreciate your prompt response.

Hi Casetl, can you let us know what version of Gibbon you were using prior to upgrading? There weren’t any code changes to the login process this past version, but there were in the version before. Be sure to check your PHP error logs, as generally anytime you see the Oh No message this means an error has been logged by PHP. The error log will give more clues as to what the cause of the error is.

After upgrading, be sure you also have a complete copy of the vendor folder from the install bundle. It’s generally best to replace the vendor folder with the new one, rather than merging the new folder into the old one.

Hi Sandra, I’m migrating from V.22, I also made a copy from Vendor but the problem persists.

Hi Casetl, this is odd. Can you check in System Admin > Third Party Settings, as perhaps the migration missed a piece of data when copying the API keys over, as v23 added new support for non-google Single Sign On (SSO). If you edit the Google record under Single Sign-On Integration, are all the fields present and set to enabled? If the problem persists, please do check your PHP error log, as there will be more specific details in there from the error itself.