Using units from another course

Hi all,

Is there any way for a class in course to use units from another course? As far as I can see, if classes from different courses need to share a unit, I have to manually copy over the unit from one course to another, which is a lot of duplicated data and becomes a problem if I want to change something in the unit.

Thank you!

Hi auricle. Yes, courses that are in the same department can share units. Be sure to setup some departments in School Admin > Manage Departments, then in Timetable Admin > Manage Courses & Classes you can set those courses to the same department, and you should see the units available from that department shared among those courses.

Hi Sandra!

Thanks for replying.

Unfortunately, I already have all my courses set up in the same department - but still, within a course, i can’t access units from another course. Is there something I’m doing wrong, or missed do you think?

Hi auricle, my apologies for the delay, it’s been a busy end of term here. I looked back at the code to refresh my memory and it looks like I was incorrect with my initial reply, courses within departments can share rubrics and resources but don’t share units. Classes within the same course do, however, so if there are multiple instances of the same “course” that teaches the same material, it’s generally best to set these up as classes within one course. For example, “Calculus 101” might be the course, and there could be several classes within that course, each sharing the same units. Otherwise, duplication is the best approach, as it lets the other course edit and diverge the lesson material as needed for it’s own context, given that it is a separate course. Hope this helps!