Using the Database on Multiple Computers

Hi, Could someone help i need to use the gibbon database on another computer on the same network. Is there anyway that i can do this.

Could you define what you mean by “Use the database on another computer on the same network”? Do you mean access the database or access Gibbon?

I mean so that someone on another computer can use the application(gibbon) on another computer using the same data in the database?

Well, I take it that you have gibbon installed in local host right? @gpsal Depending on your network infrastructure, you can put the IP of the PC hosting the Gibbon Database. I highly recommend you use a static IP and if you are using a managed layer 2 or layer 3 switch or DHCP Server, you reserve the IP of the PC hosting the Gibbon Database.

gpsal, the key here is to look at the address that you access Gibbon by. In your browser, when you access Gibbon, do you see local host, an IP address or a domain name? Ross.


OK, so you can access the site using localhost, but others cannot, as this will just point them back to their own computer, not yours. Standard practice is to use localhost for testing and development, and then to migrate to a server with a fixed IP address for production. A domain name would then be used to point to the IP address, so you can give users an address, such as (or even better a subdomain like to your users. Hope this helps. Ross.

How would i do this?

That is a huge question, and somewhat outside of the scope of this forum. However, the answer below might set you off in the right direction:

  1. Simple - purchase a hosting package with a host, such as Green Geeks, that offers Softaculous for simple Gibbon install. @jmsperu is setting up to offer hosting especially for Gibbon, so you might want to contact him.
  2. Harder - get a VPS, such as through Amazon Web Services EC2, and config your own LAMP stack.
  3. Harder Still - buy your own server hardware, install your own OS and then config your own LAMP stack.

Which one is right for you depends on your own technical experience (esp. with CLI on Linux), your appetite for learning and discomfort and your budget.

Good luck!


@gpsal I will be more than happy to setup one for you.

would there be any free options?

@gpsal Well, our hosting package is as cheap as 20 USD Per Year, setting up Gibbon for you, can do that for free.

Hi I can Login to my gibbon in my computer which is the server file… bu’t I canno’t login to the system from other device

Can anyone help me with this issue? it say’s this site can;t be reach… once I click the login button… but I can open the login page with no pictures.

Hi Mark, hosting Gibbon on your own machine is fine for testing, but for production (e.g. using with other machines), it is much better to have a dedicated server. This server can be on at all times, have a fixed IP address and have a domain name…all of which are useful when hosting a web application.



Hi Ross, thanks for your reply, I’m in the testing phase yet so I’m trying to host gibbon from my own machine. Once I can configure this to work then I will be transferring it to the server. As of now I cannot access gibbon in my test laptop. But I can open the phpmyadmin, index.php file of the wamp server… So I know that the problem is not the server itself… Is there anything that needs to be configured in the gibbon system admin settings?

Thanks for your kind reply again…

Hello again, the best place to look would be your PHP error logs. I guess some requirement of Gibbon is not being met, and that will give you a clearer indication of what that is. There is a requirement check in the installer, but to get that far there are some very basic things that need to be in place (e.g. being within the right range of PHP versions). Let us know how you go, and you are most welcome : ) Ross