using Languages that are still in development / inactiv

Hello, new here

wonted to ask if there is a way to use unfinished/inactive Languages in Gibbon like german.

We wold realy like to use Gibbon but without the german languge pack that is not posible.


Sorry, I can’t say I understand your question.

Feel free to ask in German. :slight_smile:

Alternatively you can use a service like to ask the question in German and get the English translation that you can post here.

Sorry for my english trying to be more klear this time.

is there a way to use languages that are not installable by default

I realised my second post is more unklear then the first.

We need Gibbon in german and chinese but under
Home > System Admin > Manage Languages
you can not choose german because it is still under development.

Is there a nother way to instal german (de_DE) ?

Hell lbister, this is a good question. Can you go into your database directly, and look in the table gibboni81n? You can attempt to manually set German and Chinese to active=‘Y’ and then see if you can install it. If you would like to contribute to any of the translation work (which is all done by volunteers), then please email and we’ll help you get started. Thanks!