Using Data Admin to create timetable column rows

Previously I only knew how to populate the timetable column rows by hand at the start of each new school year, but I see that Data Admin has a feature to import that data. However, I am stuck because I am not sure what to do with gibbonTTColumnID. I just did the rollover, so I am in the new school year, and there is no data there. If I include the short name, I get an error. Same if I leave it blank and select Insert only. Here is the error:

 Timetable Column: does not match an existing nameShort in `gibbonTTColumn`

I am not sure how to use this. I wish you could rollover the timetable columns from year to year…

Hi dcowens76,

Yep, uploading the timetable via spreadsheet can save a lot of time, that’s what we do in my school too. In this case, the gibbonTTColumnID refers not to the Timetable itself, but to the Columns that are setup in Timetable Admin > Manage Columns, and luckily these to carry over from year to year.

As of v17 there are some built-in import options in System Admin > Import From File. This includes a “Timetable - Complete” option which is a bit fancier than the one in Data Admin and requires less data (such as gibbonTTColumnIDs).

Hope this helps!

Thank you, Sandra. I will look into that.