Using a partial translation with stable version


Does anyone know if it’s possible to use the stable version 13 with a partially done translation like Portuguese?

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If you go into your database (using a client like phpMyAdmin or DBeaver), and look in the table gibboni18n, you can activate a language that is not complete, and then in Admin > System Admin > Language Settings you can choose it.


The .Mo file included in v13 has just a few basic translations, but the translation process is almost 80% done at poeditor. Can we get a more recent file from peoeditor and use it with v13?


Thiago, yes, simply download the MO file (which is the one that the server uses, as it is compressed) and added it to /i18n/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES and restart your web server. You should then get the latest strings. Thanks, Ross.