Users not being seen by the system

Hello everyone!

I am very impressed with the Gibbon project and I have installed it and am setting it up for my school.

I have been working through the install steps. I have imported my users using a CSV.

It all appears to have worked except that the teachers do not show in the appropriate pop-up menus (learning areas for instance) and users designated as staff do not show on the pop-up menus under system settings (Administrations officer for instance).

The only thing I know was wrong during the import is that the max_input_vars was still set to 1000 (I am running Fedora and I later realized that I needed to restart php-fpm).

The student count at the top right of the page (under the search box) still shows 0 even though the student records are “Full”.

Any help would be very much appreciated! I have high hopes for Gibbon–I have been searching for a good school management system for months.

Thank you,


Hi fvlasie, welcome to the Gibbon community! :smiley:

After importing users, for them to show up in various areas of the system they often need one more level of setup:

  • For students, they'll only show up in the drop-downs and total enrolment count if they've been enrolled in the current school year. You can manage this in Students > Student Enrolment.
  • For staff, they need a staff record created that attaches to an existing user account. This can be found in Staff > Manage Staff.

Be sure to check out the docs for any other info you need as you’re getting setup and give a shout if you have any questions:

There’s also a Data Admin module in the Extend page if you have other types of data in a spreadsheet format you’d like to import.

Hope this helps!

Thank you Sandra!