Users from a Form Group "Don't Exist"

Hello Everyone !

I am having a peculiar problem. I have added all students into different form groups. However, one particular form group, although it is showing students, when I click on the students, I am getting “User does not exist”.
The user is showing when I search in Useradmin, I even edited and saved it was okay.
Then I tried to enrol him again in his form group (although he was already showing in it), but its showing “user does not exist” again.

Pls help !!!

Sorry, I discovered, that the same student was enrolled in two different forms (I don’t know how it happened).

Odd, the system should prevent this! I wonder if perhaps you were making tweaks directly in the database, or if something went wrong with the front end? Ross.

Hi Ross ! We give new Admission Numbers (I’m using it as Admission No) to students once they shift from Kindergarten to Primary School. I imported all the data from an excel sheet which had the kids names twice- “Left” from Kindergarten and “Present Class” from Primary School. That is what caused the problem. Now I am deleting the KG enrolled students case by case. Will see what’s to be done in 2021 ha ha ha !

That’d do it! Thanks for sharing the cause : )