Username and SID format for students enrollments

Respected Gibbon Community,
When we enroll a student from application form it generates usernames as alphabets from name. How we can set it so that it generates numeric usernames as 3536 in a incremental order e.g 3537,3538.

Looking forward.

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Ghulam Abbas

Morning Ghulam,

If you look under Admin > User Admin > Application Form Settings, you’ll see a username format under Acceptance Options. This does not currently do what you want, but you could look at tinkering with the code to get the behaviour that you want. It partly exists, as it does an auto-increment on usernames, but not on blank usernames.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on!


This does exist : ) One of the many areas I’ve tinkered with in recent versions. Check the User Admin > User Settings page to edit and creat username formats, which have an incremental numeric option. This allows usernames to be generated in the Add User and Edit Application Form pages. Hope this helps!

Thanks respected admin , and Sandra . It worked . When we set username format from Manage User Settings. But it is not setting Student IDs. We want same student IDs as of Username in 4 Digit Numeric Values.

Hi Ghulam,

There is currently no way to force student IDs to be the same as usernames, but there are now fields in the Application Form Edit page to enter these prior to accepting an application form, so in this case your admissions person could generate the username and copy it into the Student ID field next to it, in the Office Only section of the application form page. Hope this helps!

hi, does this also apply to usernames from public registrations? and not via the application forms?

Hello I still couldnt find this feature applicable for accounts added via the online public registration.

I have tried activating registrations via student application form. Here is my setup under the Manage User settings:
roles: Student
is default? : Yes
Numeric: Yes
starting value: 00001
number of digits: 5
increment by: 1

This setup can generated usernames such as “johndoe00001” but for tjhe Parent username. The student username stays at “johndoe”. What I am trying to achieve is the opposite, I wish that the student usernames are in johndoe00001 format and the parents will have the johndoe username. How can I achieve this? Thank you soo much
However, numbers generated in the usernames are onluy

Hi Betasystem101,

The public registration form allows users to select their own username, therefore it doesn’t generate usernames for them. Are you looking to re-generate them via Edit User, after the user has been approved?