User photo upload error message

In version v21.0.01 I would get this error message when a user photo I am trying to upload has the wrong dimensions:

Your request was completed successfully, but one or more images were the wrong size and so were not saved.

This was very helpful. However, I am not getting this message with v22.0.01.

Hi Tieku, can you let us know what message you are getting in v22.0.01? Are you just seeing the success message without the additional comment on the images? Thanks!

This is what I get when uploading the same image in v22.0.01

and v21.0.01

Hi Tieku, this is definitely a bug, so thank you for reporting it. I believe it was introduced in the the personal document changes in v22. I’m going to ask @ross to look into it. Thanks!

Hi Tieku, thanks for catching this, I’ve fixed it for v23, the changes can be found here: